Our daily routine starts at 7am with each guest offered exercise while their bedroom is cleaned and disinfected, faces, ears and body are then checked over cleaned and powdered if needed.
At 10 am we have our tea break and the dogs have quiet time in their bedrooms.
At 10.30 am everyone gets the opportunity for another nice run in the grass paddock. We feed at approximately 11am and after that we clean up and allow everyone to digest their dinner and rest. We then catch up on bath/pamper sessions.
At 3 pm we clean up again and catch up with exercise and feed anyone that is on 2 meals a day, our evening routine depends what time of the year it is and the weather, in the Summer we like to make the indoor and outdoor areas available to everyone until it gets dark.

Our kennels were built in 2018 to meet the highest possible standards of hygiene and comfort. The Brick and Block cavity walls are insulated to residential standards, all surfaces are non-porous and wipeable. Each suite has a Kuranda raised bed with a vet bed covering, a full-bodied porcelain tiled floor with under floor heating, a full height double glazed front door and opening double glazed window. The ceilings are high and airy with electric Velux windows for additional light and ventilation, additional corridor windows make the living areas bright and fresh. The sleeping area is divided from the outside exercise area by an insulated sliding hatch, the outside area to each suite is fully covered by a high slate tiled roof so guests can have outside access rain or shine, the outside floor is also fully porcelain tiled with a Kuranda bed to sit on, each overlooks the lawn courtyard area and exercise paddocks.
We use Dr Johns Lamb and rice, Aurtarky and raw food or if you prefer you can bring your own.